Who are we ?

Our history

Peluche Kingdom is a premium plush brand, created by a plush enthusiast who decided to share his passion with the world. He started by designing unique, high-quality stuffed animals, using top-quality materials and working with experienced craftsmen to make them.

We are a company dedicated to providing high quality, creative and unique stuffed animals. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We believe everyone deserves to have a plush toy that reminds them of the good times, emotions and memories.

We are a team of professionals passionate about our profession and we like to share our passion with our customers. We make every effort to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers and to offer superior quality products.

In summary, Plush Kingdom is a plush brand created to bring joy and memories through premium plush. We are a company committed to providing an exceptional customer experience.

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Our mission

The mission of Peluche Kingdom is to create high quality, unique and creative plush toys that allow people to remember good times, emotions and memories. We want to offer stuffed animals that can become faithful companions for children and adults, while also being stylish decorative objects for homes and offices.

Our goal is to create stuffed animals that can become special gifts for friends and family, for weddings, newborns, birthdays, holiday parties, and all other special occasions. We want our soft toys to bring joy, positive emotions and lasting memories.

In addition to creating superior quality products, we are also committed to providing an exceptional customer experience. We want our customers to feel supported at every stage of their interaction with Peluche Kingdom.

In summary, Plush Kingdom's mission is to create premium plush toys that can become loyal companions and stylish decorative items, to provide an exceptional customer experience and to have our customers remember the good times, the emotions and memories through our stuffed animals.

Our engagements

Peluche Kingdom is a company committed to the environment and the conservation of wildlife with the WWF.

Here are the Plush Kingdom commitments:

  • We donate monthly 5% of our profits to the WWF
  • We support wildlife conservation projects by financing scientific studies or helping to set up environmental protection programs.
  • We promote the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials for the production of soft toys
  • We educate consumers about the preservation of the environment and wildlife by creating stuffed animals inspired by wildlife.
  • We implement sustainable development initiatives in its internal operations (water, energy, biodiversity management)

Do not hesitate to discover our values ​​before making your purchase!

Thank you for your support and see you soon,

Michael & the entire Plush Kingdomℱ team.

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