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Our values

If you have read our story , you must have understood that several things are important to us in Plush Kingdom™. We don't just want to sell simple stuffed animals, but a real message .

We are thus developing around strong values ​​😊 which are reflected in the way we maintain our relationships with our partners, within our company and with you, our customers.

We can gather these values ​​around three pillars:


Happy mom with her laughing son in her arms and a big smile next to the sea on a sunset beach

This is the very reason why I created Peluche Kingdom, to make children happy . Through our soft toys, we want you to have a good time with your children and give them back their smile, so pleasant to share.

We also want to remind you that happiness is found in SIMPLE things that you can maintain easily. A smile, a hug and not forgetting to have a good time with your children makes a big difference on a daily basis!

Thanks to our stuffed animals, we hope to transmit a little happiness to your children, like the big smile he will make when unpacking his stuffed animal. On our side, we also work in a good atmosphere, which we maintain with our partners and which is important for us to move in the right direction.


The second pillar that defines our brand is safety. Essential for your happiness and ours, it allows us to feel serene at the end of each day knowing that our stuffed animals and comforters will make people happy! It also seems important to us . Guaranteeing you a high quality applied irreproachably to each of our products allows you to SERENELY offer a soft toy as a gift to a child.

In addition, it allows the child who will have the chance to receive this gift to enjoy a comforting , soft and pleasant to cuddle for many years.

The Environment, our COMBAT!

Finally comes the environment 🌍. A value that is particularly close to our hearts. Being able to allow your children to grow up in a calming world is important. Thus, we donate 5% of our monthly profits to the WWF.

Each of your purchases contributes to support the actions of the WWF to help nature and fight against the harmful actions of Man .

On top of that, it's a long-term INVESTMENT for your children. It is to allow them to be able to continue going on vacation when they are older in the mountains 🌄 to enjoy the snow or at the beach 🌅 to enjoy plastic-free water and burn good memories in their memory with their friends .

With this, you can delight your children knowing that your purchase allows them to grow into a bright future!

Steps Donations 5% of Profits to WWF | Our Values ​​- Kingdom Plush

COMPLETE Transparency

On paper, several companies offer to make donations to associations that agree with their values. In practice, not all do. This is why we have decided, at your simple request, to send you the monthly report of our donations, so don't hesitate! (few people ask us, so if you ask us, we can take a few days to format it to send it to you).

More Than Just Donations

Donating to the world's leading conservation organization is NOT ENOUGH. We have therefore also decided to act on the daily scale of each person who makes up the Peluche Kingdom™ team. By taking the bike 🚴 rather than the car for example or by acting on our plate to eat more local, but also at the level of our company by developing ourselves responsibly .

Thank you for your support and see you soon,

The entire Plush Kingdom™ team.

Kingdom Plush - GIVE HAPPINESS©

Top view fir green forest with a bend road | Protect the environment by donating to WWF