Shipping Policy

At Peluche Kingdom, every order placed is shipped with care. Our goal is to offer you the best delivery options, no matter where you live.

Our products are shipped directly from our international warehouses (United States, Canada, China and France) and are delivered directly to your home. In order to maintain an irreproachable and unique quality, your order should arrive at your home between one and four weeks. This estimate may fluctuate depending on the current circumstances at your order such as Covid-19.

Method of payment Delivery delay Shipping cost Operator
Standard Delivery
7 to 25 days (often between 10 and 15 days) Free DHL | The post office
Secure Delivery - Loss/Theft/Breakage
7 to 25 days (often between 10 and 15 days) ‚ā¨4.99 DHL | The post office

Important Notes

  • The delivery times and costs estimated above are only valid for Metropolitan France . Delivery costs will be charged according to your country of delivery.
  • The estimated delivery times above do not take into account possible delays caused by suppliers, service interruptions and bad weather.
  • Delivery times do not take working days into account. Thus the delivery and shipping date does not include weekends and holidays.
  • Customers are individually responsible for any customs fees that may be applied when the package crosses a border. Peluche Kingdom has no control over these charges and is not responsible for any action taken by customs or transportation services.
  • Peluche Kingdom is not responsible for products held up in customs.
  • Once shipped, only the transport service is responsible for the package. Because of this, if any delay is caused or your order is lost in transit, we are not responsible. We will still do our best to help you find it. With Secure Delivery, we'll send you a new product or refund you.

Our Free Delivery

On our online store, you can benefit from high quality soft toys at responsible prices because we believe that all children should have access to soft toys . To succeed in offering you these prices, we have favored longer delivery times than usual in order to allow you to obtain a plush at no additional cost while maintaining a secure and qualitative delivery.

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It's easy, when you pay for a fast delivery with an often substantial price, these costs go to the service that takes care of the express and priority delivery of your package. The companies that offer this service obviously need money to operate. These additional costs are at your expense and therefore change the price of the product you are purchasing.

Contact details

It is the customers responsibility to provide us with a complete and correct shipping address when placing the order.

If your delivery address is different from your billing address, please let us know when ordering.

Questions & Delay

If your order is late or you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it with our team.