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TOP 5 Records Held by Teddy Bears

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At Peluche Kingdom, we offer you various soft toys to help you find the perfect soft toy to offer 🎁. But Today, we are taking a step back from our own stuffed animals to introduce you to world-famous teddy bears who are breaking records in the Guinness Book of Records and making history.

After some exciting research, we've put together five teddy bears that will amaze you. From the story of the very first bear to the record holder for the largest bear collection, this article on the 5 world record-holding teddy bears will amaze you!

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1) Theodore Roosevelt: The Story of the First Teddy Bear

First of all, can you guess in whose honor the first teddy bear was invented? Did President Theodore Roosevelt 🧾 cross your mind? Because it is thanks to him that today children can play and cuddle their plush toys!

It all started on a bear hunting trip to Mississippi in 1902. Theordore had been invited to hunt, but he was the only one who had yet to find a single bear. Later the hunt progressed and hunters tied a bear to a tree so that Roosevelt could kill one, but he refused to shoot that bear, which led to articles and reports about this remarkable event! The audience couldn't believe their eyes!

But the teddy bear didn't arrive so quickly... After this event, a political cartoonist 🗞 named Clifford Berryman read several articles on this topic and satirized the event in the newspapers with a cartoon . Finally, Morris Michtom, a candy store owner, saw the cartoon and had an idea. He and his wife also made stuffed animals, and Morris Michtom decided to create a teddy bear and dedicate it to the president who refused to shoot a bear.

Theodore Roosevelt and the First Teddy Bear (Caricature Drawing The Line in Mississippi)

He called him “ Teddy Bear .” After receiving permission from Roosevelt to use his name, Michtom mass-produced the teddy bears and quickly founded the Ideal Toy Company because the bears were so popular. To deepen the subject, you can discover the history of the teddy bear to know it in more detail.

2) The Most Expensive Teddy Bear in the World

After the most historic teddy bear, we present to you one of the most luxurious bears. This is Louis Vuitton's Steiff bear 👜 . Can you guess how much it's worth?

The Most Expensive Teddy Bear in the World Steiff Louis Vuitton Sold for Almost 2 Million Euros

Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear - €1,978,000

Competing with the historic bears in commemoration of the Titanic, along with the bead-eyed bears, is Louis Vuitton's Steiff bear which scores high in the most expensive bears . This fashionista with a fuzzy coat is adorned with the most beautiful Louis Vuitton outfits; All that's missing is an LV handbag to complete her outfit!

Its designer clothing and matching luggage pushed its price above the previously mentioned competition. The world's most expensive teddy bear was purchased for almost 2 million euros đŸ’” (€1,978,000) at a 2000 charity auction in Monaco by Jesse Kim. You can visit him at the Teddy Bear Museum in JeJu, South Korea.

If she were yours, what would you call her? Tell us in the comments at the bottom of this blog post!

Teddy Bears in Homage to the Children of the Titanic

Other teddy bears were sold at quite high prices, such as the “Teddy Girl” bear, sold for €130,000, the 82 teddy bears created as a tribute to the Titanic 🚱 sold for €128,000 each or even the teddy bear with diamond eyes sold for €79,000. You can consult the TOP 10 of the most expensive Steiff teddy bears .

3) The World's Largest Teddy Bear

On the other hand, the next plush that we have to show you comes straight from Mexico. Measuring over 19.41 meters long , this bear set the new world record in April 2019 for the largest teddy bear. Named by the residents of their town, this is the Xonita bear.

The 4.4-ton stuffed toy was measured at a soccer stadium in the town of Xonacatlan as part of the town's Children's Day festivities. Guinness World Records đŸ„‡ was able to confirm that she was taller than the 16.86 meter teddy bear created by Kansas resident Dana Warren in 2008.

Xonita the Largest Mexican Plush Toy in the World Measures 19.41 Meters

It took three months of hard work and sewing to create Xonita and officially become the largest teddy bear in the world ! If you're interested, you can find out even more information about the world's largest teddy bear, such as how it was built, why embark on such a project or even how much it may have cost.

4) The World's Smallest Teddy Bear

We showed you the world's largest teddy bear, so of course we have to show you the world's smallest teddy bear ! This is Tiny Ted; the bear is sewn exactly like a larger bear and is fully articulated with a posable head, arms and legs. Just like the second and third smallest teddy bears.

It was made by Cheryl Moss in South Africa in 2006. Tinny Ted measures 4.5 mm high , almost 430 smaller than the largest teddy bear in the world! He can be seen at the Teddy Bear Musem on Jeju Island in South Korea with the most expensive Louis Vuitton teddy bear in the world.

Tinny Ted, the Smallest Teddy Bear in the World Measures 4.5 mm

5) Largest Teddy Bear Collection

The largest collection of teddy bears is made up of 20,367 pieces . This world record was set by ArnĂłczki IstvĂĄnnĂ© and Guinness World Records in HarsĂĄny, Hungary 📍 on April 27, 2019.

So, what is the story of his collection? How can we make our collection grow like his? Well... As a child, ArnĂłczki grew up in poverty and never owned a teddy bear. Of course, it was a young girl who dreamed of having one that she could cuddle at night. ArnĂłczki's collection was highlighted when she purchased her very first teddy bear in 1978 , when she was in her twenties. Since then, she has never stopped buying more!

Today, her personal collection, made up of items she purchased and received as donations, is housed at the Teddy Bear Museum in her village in Hungary .

The Largest Teddy Bear Collection Has Over 20,000 Soft Toys (Arnóczki Istvånné in Hungary)

This collection took the place of the old record held by Jackie Miley with 11,000 teddy bears. She even created her village 🏘 of teddy bears (Teddy Bear Town). We also did a blog post about Jackie and Arnóczki's largest plush collection in the world . We invite you to watch it if you are interested!

Do you already know these records? If you know of any other interesting stuffed animal records, don't hesitate to tell us in the comments , we'll be happy to read them!

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