Quelle est la Différence entre une Peluche, un Doudou, un Jouet en Peluche et un Animal en Peluche ?

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What is the difference between a Stuffed Animal, a Cuddly Toy, a Stuffed Toy and a Stuffed Animal?

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Almost every child around the world 🌏 owns a stuffed animal ! Even in antiquity, during ancient Rome, the children of the richest had wooden figurines and the poorest made stuffed animals or rag dolls.

This common toy in children's rooms, however, has several names to name it; such as: plush, comforter, stuffed toy, stuffed animal or teddy bear. So is there a difference between all these words đŸ€” that many people confuse? We will explain all this to you later in this article.

Elephant Comforter Gray

1) Comforters

Comforters are toys for young children and babies , often under 3 years old đŸ‘¶. They are therefore designed especially for them and for the awakening of the baby, so they do not have any removable or detachable part that the baby could swallow while chewing it or playing with it like plastic eyes or an accessory that a soft toy could to have. The eyes of the comforters are therefore often embroidered or made of fabric of a different color.

The cuddly toys also have short hair to prevent the baby from choking on them once again. Still in the field of baby's safety and awakening 👀, giant comforters do not exist because the lightness of a comforter allows the baby to handle it easily and especially toy with it without any risk! That's why they are soft, gentle, strong and light.

Comforters are lighter and smaller than stuffed animals

Thus the baby can play with the cuddly toy by chewing it, throwing it on the ground or cuddling it while keeping a cuddly toy in great shape! To avoid all the dangers when you buy a comforter for your child, you can consult the points to check to buy a safe comforter or stuffed animal ✅ for your baby or your child .

On the emotional side, a cuddly toy can also mean YOUR child's favorite plush đŸ„° that he takes everywhere with him and that cheers him up in all circumstances!

2) The Difference between Comforters and Cuddly Toys

Soft toys , often intended for children over 3 years old, are used in the same way as cuddly toys in everyday language, but there are nevertheless some differences. First of all, some stuffed animals have “pieces of plastic” like plastic eyes 👁 to make the stuffed animals even more realistic.

Cuddly Toys are Bigger than Cuddly Toys

They are also often made of different fabrics, more or less thick and with hairs of different sizes (short for bears and long for the tip of the elephant's tail 🐘 or the lion's mane). There are stuffed animals of different sizes ranging from 5 centimeters to more than meters for the larger ones (often 1 or 2 meters)! Giant stuffed animals are more often used as decoration than toys for children.

A 1 meter plush will obviously be heavier than a few centimeters or a comforter, but the plushes are still light enough to allow children to play easily with them and above all to be able to take them everywhere with them. school or on vacation 🏖 to overcome slack more easily.

Even if children are the main fans of stuffed animals , some adults 🧔 continue to keep the stuffed animal from their early childhood which brings them comfort and nostalgia. You can discover the secrets of adults who always sleep with their cuddly toy !

Child playing with stuffed animal

Although different from cuddly toys, stuffed animals encompass a wide variety of soft toys ranging from stuffed animals from television series, through plush cubes to animals of all kinds 🐮, of all sizes and shapes, so find out now instances where the word "plush" is used as an adjective.

3) Plush Toys

Plush toys, just like the simple word “plush” encompasses a wide range of toys, from animals to plush cubes. However, this word is more often used to refer to plush toys other than the classic plush toys of the animal or character type
 such as plush cubes , plush balls đŸ„Ž etc

Plush Cube

These plush toys are often intended for young children and babies for their awakening and their discovery of the world đŸ€© around them! They have so many different colors, patterns, shapes and textures.

4) Stuffed Animals

You guessed it, as the name suggests, stuffed animals are the most popular type of stuffed animals loved by children : they are stuffed animals! Of different size, color and shape, you will inevitably find the happiness of your child; going through penguins 🐧, tigers and even pink elephants, a large panel of stuffed animals exists.

Stuffed Animals

5) Teddy Bears

A great Valentine's Day classic for some, a safe bet for others, the teddy bear is a must in the stuffed animal family . Much less dangerous than a hungry brown bear đŸ» but just as cute, kids love them! Available in lots of different shapes, colors and sizes, it has become a staple when thinking of soft toys; but do you know the story of teddy bears ?

Today there are some at all prices, often inexpensive for medium-sized teddy bears due to the major production in Asia by Chinese firms and a little more expensive for large teddy bears. Teddy bears are not just simple plush toys, some people collect them 🧐 , which can quickly drive up the prices of collectible teddy bears!

Person Holding and Lifting a Teddy Bear

6) So Which Type of Plush Should You Choose for Your Child?

As you have seen, there are many different kinds of plush toys, so how do you choose THE plush your child will love ? For this you can consult our guide and already think about what your child prefers, such as a particular animal, a character from his favorite cartoon đŸŠžâ€â™€ïž or even according to your child's tastes, if he is more adventurous or dreamy ; you will find his happiness on our Plush KingdomÂź shop.

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