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Octopus plush toy

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There octopus where the octopus (they are the same animals) are molluscs and cephalopods. There are hundreds of species of octopus and all have completely soft bodies except for their beak located under their head where the 8 arms meet. It differentiates itself from other cephalopods by its great intelligence and its impressive ability to camouflage; it can change color in less than a second.

Octopuses also have eight arms (not tentacles ) with suction cups and sending sea water through a siphon, it can propel itself at lightning speed to escape its predators by releasing clouds of ink. If one of its arms is ever severed, it can also grow back! Thanks to the millions of contractile colored cells that make up its skin, the octopus can change the color and structure of its skin when it wants and depending on its environment to hunt or defend itself.

Octopuses can weigh 3 kilograms and measure almost 1 meter with their arms for the largest specimens. What makes the octopus special is actually not its size but its appearance and its particularly intellectual abilities. The octopus demonstrates great intelligence for an invertebrate.

She is able to solve problems, remember solutions, think strategically, play and learn for survival and development. Thus, by dint of observation, octopuses have already opened a jar to take food inside or even certain species of octopuses use shells to attract their prey and dig half a coconut at the bottom of the oceans to use as a portable shelter. To know all the impressive capacities of these animals, you can discover our article on octopuses .

Fun Facts About Octopuses

  1. To go along with their eight arms, octopuses have nine brains - a central brain and eight smaller brains, one in each limb.
  2. The largest octopus would be the Giant Pacific Octopus, Enteroctopus Dofleini, which weighs around 15 kg and has an arm span of up to 4.3 m.
  3. To go along with their nine brains, octopuses also have three hearts.
  4. Japanese culture has long celebrated them as love animals.
  5. They tend to walk in most places because their hearts stop beating when they try to swim.

  6. The Dumbo octopus gets its name from the giant ear-shaped paddles on its head.

  7. Although octopuses are often slow and crawling, they have the ability to swim four times faster than Michael Phelps. When they need to attack or escape quickly, they use jet propulsion to travel at speeds of up to 40 km/h.

  8. They are not only fast, they are also incredibly agile. Boneless and with a body made up of 90% muscle, octopuses can easily squeeze through the finest cracks and smallest holes.
  9. The octopus has a hard beak, like a parrot's, which it uses to sneak in and eat its prey, such as crabs and crustaceans.
  10. An average female octopus can lay around 200,000 eggs, but only a handful survive to adulthood.
  11. The octopus descends from a creature that lived during the Carboniferous period, 296 million years ago.
  12. They don't just use their eyes to see, octopuses can also see with their skin. It is rich in the same light-sensitive proteins that their eyes use to detect light, color and even shapes.

Buy an Octopus Plush

If your child is a fan of the fascinating and extraordinary faculties of animals, the octopus should not escape his admiration. Even though octopus plushies cannot change color like a chameleon, your child will be able to play with it and teach it lots of new things like cuddling and playing with it.

With his timeless smile, his octopus plushie can cheer him up at any time, even on rainy days. When it's fun, your child will have fun with their stuffed toy gentle And soft . He will be able to imagine himself exploring the bottom of the oceans and discovering lots of new colorful species. You simply have to purchase the octopus plush the most suitable for your child and find an opportunity to offer them and admire their big smile.

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