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THE wolf is a carnivorous mammal found in several places around the globe and often in forests, meadows, deserts, and tundras. It belongs to the Canidae family like the dog, the fox or the dingo. Its name comes from the Latin word lupus which gave the scientific name Canis Lupus of the gray wolf or also called common wolf.

The wolf has generally gray fur but can also be orange for Ethiopian wolves for example or with reflections for red wolves. The gray wolf can weigh 80 kilograms and be 80 centimeters tall and run up to 60 km/h over a short distance. The wolf pack follows a very structured hierarchy with an alpha wolf and she-wolf and other she-wolves, wolves with their cubs. These animals are very sociable.

The wolf is also present in many different cultures. We find it in particular in the famous history of Rome. Legend has it in ancient Rome that Rome was founded by Remus and Romulus, two twins raised and fed by a she-wolf. In ancient times the wolf was the symbol of war and hunting. For American Indians, the wolf is seen as spirit, reincarnation and freedom. The wolf is also present in Scandinavian mythology with Fenrir and in our society with the legendary creature of the werewolf. If you want to know all the secrets of these clever predators, you can consult our complete article on the wolves .

Fun Facts About Wolves

  1. Wolves are great romantics. It is one of the few species to mate for life.
  2. Wolves can travel up to 50 kilometers in one night!
  3. Domestic dogs are believed to have originated from the domestication of wolves around 10,000 years ago.
  4. Its webbed feet allow it to move with speed and agility in the water.
  5. The typical howl lasts 5 seconds and can be used as a rallying cry, a warning to rival packs, or as individual communication.
  6. Wolves can also have white and even black fur.
  7. A wolf pack is always on the move and spends up to 1/3 of its life moving from one place to another.
  8. When the pack moves, the alpha wolf is always behind to have a view of the pack and give his orders more easily.
  9. A wolf's jaws are so strong that they can crush a bone instantly.
  10. They can see in the dark, so they never have to wait until morning to hunt.

Buy a Wolf Plush

If your little cub is passionate about nature and animals or if he simply likes to have fun with his friends, it's time for him to join the pack of wolf stuffed animals! Made with love, they are soft , soft and solid to allow your child to have the best possible hugs with his wolf soft toy.

You will be able to find in a few clicks the wolf plush adapted to the tastes of your child to receive an unforgettable smile when he discovers it. All you have to do is find a special occasion to give it to him, such as Christmas with the snow, his birthday or even his party. Your child will love going on an adventure and imagining extraordinary stories with their baby wolf, giant wolf, gray wolf or even polar wolf soft toy. So don't wait any longer and buy THE stuffed animal made for your child.

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