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Plush Rabbit

The Rabbit Plush , a trendy and practical decorative element.

Outside of family, one of the very first relationships your child will develop will likely be with a pet. beloved plush toy.

These soft and adorable companions are much more than a toy.

For a child, a stuffed rabbit is a companion with whom they can interact and relate.

Soft toys allow children to play out scenarios and explore emotions they don't yet fully understand, practice newly learned skills, and develop their sense of independence.

What are the advantages associated with a Doudou Rabbit?

Offer comfort

The world may be scary, but no matter how far children travel, or what strange new worlds they encounter, a stuffed animal represents security and familiarity that they can take with them.

When faced with new situations, a furry friend can help the child cope and feel less vulnerable.

Strengthen self-confidence

Young children don't have much control over their world, so a stuffed animal can help with their own need for independence.

By playing the role of a parent for their toys , children feel responsible for once, which gives them a renewed confidence.

Managing emotions

Young children often role-play with their stuffed animals and dolls.

When children experience emotions they don't fully understand, playing with their stuffed animals can be a safe and positive way to learn to manage their feelings.

Creator of social relationships

Relationships with siblings, parents and new friends can also benefit from the role play that children do with their stuffed animals.

Through imagined interactions, children learn to showing empathy and to practice the behaviors they have seen, modeled by those around them.

Language skills

When children first learn to speak, they are eager to use their new skills.

Conversations with their stuffed animals help them develop their speaking skills. It is practice makes perfect !

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