Giant Plush

Discover our collection of giant plush toys for babies

Welcome to our collection of giant plush toys for toddlers. Our plush comforters are designed to spark your baby 's imagination while providing unparalleled comfort . Each plush toy is made of soft , washable polyester, and perfect for cuddling . Find the 200 cm Giant Plush , a must-have in our store.

Unicorn plush toy

Give your baby a big, adorable unicorn soft toy . These plush toys are perfect for toddlers and can become your little one's favorite comforter.
Very soft teddy bears Our giant teddy bears are exceptionally soft. They are designed to provide maximum comfort to your baby.

Unicorn plush toy

Teddy Bear

Bear soft toys are a timeless classic. They are ideal for playing and cuddling.

Doudou Rabbit

A cute rabbit comforter is the perfect companion for your baby. It will bring warmth and comfort.

Soft toy Rabbit
Elephant Plush

Our elephant stuffed animals are not only adorable, but they are also ideal for developing your baby's developmental skills. A giant baby plush toy is comforting and soothing.

Giraffe plush toy

Giraffe stuffed animals are both fun and soft. Your baby will love cuddling and playing with them. A large xxl plush toy is suitable for all ages.

Kawaii Giraffe Plush
Panda plush toy

Fall for our panda soft toys , perfect for play and relaxation.
Histoire d'Ours Discover the Histoire d'Ours collection, a range of high-quality soft toys designed for the greatest happiness of your baby.

Doudou and Company

The comfort toys from Doudou et Compagnie are carefully designed to offer the best comfort to your little treasure. Soft toys , such as, for example, the Giant Sloth Plush are a concentrate of tenderness and love, in size XXL!

Doudou and Company
Stuffed toy

Our plush toys are perfect for your baby's development. They are both fun and calming. There Giant Polar Bear Plush is a perfect example.

Hug and Comfort

Our soft toys are specially designed to provide the cuddle and comfort your baby needs.

Baby hugging his mother
Plush night light

Opt for a plush night light to help your baby fall asleep gently.
Cm Plush Discover our giant soft toys, ideal for little ones. They offer maximum softness and comfort.

Vtech Toy

Vtech toys are perfect for your baby's development. Pair them with our plush toys for the complete experience.

Vtech White Noise Luminous Plush
Plush Cushion

Our plush cushions are perfect for decorating your baby's room while providing a cozy place to rest.

Washable Soft Toy

All our soft toys are washable for perfect hygiene. They will stay clean and soft for your baby.
Baby sleeping with his washable cuddly toy

Give your baby a large, soft and comforting stuffed toy. Discover our collection of cuddly toys, teddy bears, unicorn soft toys, and much more. Make every moment a sweet moment for your little one.

If your child is a Rabbids fan, you should also take a look at our selection of Rabbit Plush