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Giant Plush

Today, children have access to toys of all shapes and sizes.

Some toys are cuddly and soft, others are high-tech, but did you know that soft toys are generally the most popular with children?

For children, a Giant Plush is a friend who can listen or talk to them wherever they go.

Soft toys, such as, for example, Giant Sloth Plush are a concentrate of tenderness and love, in size XXL!

Positive Effects of Giant Stuffed Animals on Children.

A Companion of the Right Size

Cuddly toys are considered Giant, usually from 60 cm in height.

They can even sometimes reach 200 cm!

THE Large sized soft toys have this little “companion” side, accentuated compared to smaller sized soft toys. Toddlers feel much more like they have a real friend, the same size as them

Soft and Pleasant to the Touch

Babies love to touch and feel new textures.

Soft toys are a perfect mix for develop sensory skills and encourage social and emotional growth.

There Giant Polar Bear Plush is a perfect example

Even at such a young age, babies begin to grasp the different colors, sizes and textures of the world around them and soft toys are a great way for them to explore new things.

Reassuring and Secure

Just like adults, babies experience anxiety and distress. The world is a scary place for them sometimes. Hugging their favorite animal stuffed animal against them is a way to relieve them and bring comfort.

Soft toys can reassure babies and give them a familiar feeling. They are also able to help babies calm down and soothe themselves.

If they are faced with stressful situations, an XXL-sized companion by their side can help them create the illusion that they are with a loved one.

Develops Sociability

Besides providing a feeling of comfort, soft toys also help babies develop social skills.

Stuffed animals can help them immerse themselves intensely in role-playing games . This may include imitating what is familiar, such as pretending to eat food, talking with mom or dad, playing with a sibling or other friends.

This can serve as a basis for strengthening their social intelligence.

Better Communication

Because role play encourages them to interact with other people, stuffed animals can also help babies develop their language and their ability to communicate with others.

Role play encourages them to talk with other people, which lays the foundation for learning to write and read in the near future.

More Empathy

Soft toys also encourage babies to be interested in others and appreciate the presence of relationships . They help them understand the importance of empathy and compassion, as well as fulfilling their need to care for others.

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