Pig Plush

Pig Stuffed Animals

THE pig is the domestic form of the wild boar. They can reach 300 kg or more for certain animals and pork meat is the most consumed in France, particularly in the form of processed meats.

The Know-How of Pig Plush

Please note that these stuffed animals are not meant to be eaten! However, they are very popular with children. With its much lighter weight and longer coat soft And soft Thanks to the high-end padding, this plush toy will last over time and doesn't even need to roll around in the mud.

Whether your child prefers a small piglet , a sow brown or little pink pig , you will find happiness in this collection of soft toys.

The Unsuspected Intelligence of the Pig

Pigs are farm animals that have been bred for over 7,000 years . With age often comes wisdom, and for pigs, intelligence! Depending on the criteria studied, pigs and dwarf pigs appear to be more intelligent than dogs and have an intelligence equivalent to chimpanzees.

For example, they can use a mirror to find objects behind them. Pigs have a spatial memory to memorize the best sources of food and know how to implement a strategy so that their peers do not come and steal their food.

They can also learn to relieve themselves in a specific place. They can also tell the difference between a human being and one of those piggy friends. They are also players whether with a ball, hopping, interacting with video games and even a chase!

Why a Pig Plush?

In the same way as its animal counterparts, pig stuffed animals are very playful and ready to go on an adventure with your child every second that passes. With her timeless smile, pig plush toy is a source of comfort and positivity to accompany your little one on a daily basis in their first sorrows but also in their moments of joy!

You can buy one for your child and give them on a special occasion like their birthday, Christmas or birthday. All opportunities are good! You only have to choose the cutest of all these plush toys and we will take care of the rest to send it to you and make your child happy.

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