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Fun Facts about Bears

Bears are carnivorous mammals that belong to the Ursidae family. Like pandas who are herbivorous. The eight species of bears are the brown bear, the polar bear , the American black bear, the Eurasian black bear, the spectacled bear, the sun bear, the sloth bear and the giant panda. Now, here are some fun facts about these forest animals that can weigh 700 pounds:

  1. First, bears are excellent tree climbers, they can easily climb to their tops.
  2. The brown bear is Finland's national animal.
  3. Don't be fooled by their waddling gait. Since bears can reach speeds of 40 to 50 kilometers per hour, faster than most humans, then don't try to outrun a bear.
  4. They are skilled swimmers, bears have no trouble swimming across rivers or lakes, thanks to their powerful paws.
  5. Some bears are omnivores and their diet depends on their habitat and the time of year and generally speaking, they love to eat!
  6. It's true that bears only socialize during mating season.
  7. Ultimately, bears are extraordinarily intelligent animals. They have navigation abilities far superior to those of humans. Additionally, they have excellent memory. as well as a large brain-to-body ratio and use tools in a variety of contexts, from play to hunting.
  8. Furthermore, bears have a deep sorrow for others. Cubs are known to whimper and cry when separated from their mothers. This can last for weeks if their mother is killed by hunters.
  9. The Vikings and Celts have many legends about the strength, protection and prowess of bears.
  10. Second, bears have excellent senses of smell, sight, and hearing. They can smell food, cubs, a mate, or predators from miles away.
  11. Some species of Asiatic bears build nests in trees. They can use it to hide, eat and even sleep.
  12. In addition, bears are very attached to their family members. They risk their lives and even fight to the death to save a cub, brother or sister from danger.
  13. Bears have often been honored in the cultures of many ancient civilizations. They were considered a symbol of power, strength and love.

History of the Teddy Bear

If you do not yet know the story of the teddy bear or the "Teddy Bear" in English, now is the time to discover it. Small clue, its English name "Teddy Bear" has a great relationship with its history. :) It all started in 1902 when President Theodore Roosevelt decided to take a vacation.

The governor of Mississippi invited him to come on a hunting trip to the southern United States. Theodore R. therefore went there in mid-November 1902 for a hunting trip with experts in this field. So they all set up camp and during the 10 day expedition. It was the hunting dogs who smelled and followed a bear. When the president was not there, the experienced hunters knocked him unconscious and tied him to a tree so that Roosevelt could kill him and see him alive.

Once at the scene of the crime, Theodore found it unsportsmanlike and decided not to shoot the bear. After this act of compassion, the news spread throughout the country and the cartoonist Clifford K. Berryman drew a caricature of this scene which was posted in the pages of the Washington Post. A businessman from Brooklyn saw this caricature and decided to make a little teddy bear in the image of the bear in the image of the drawing. He displayed it in the window of his grocery store and was quickly purchased. So he asked the president to name this stuffed toy after him. And thus the Teddy Bear was born.

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