Quels sont les meilleurs coffrets de naissance à offrir ?

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What are the best birth boxes to offer?

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Finding the cute birth gift that will please is always tricky. Finding an ideal gift for baby that will be useful and unique at the same time can sometimes be difficult. Find in this article some gift ideas for birth boxes that will make a difference.

Birth boxes

During a birth, the gift box is an ideal gift. This is why it is often on the birth lists of future parents. In general, it brings together all the essentials for baby: an organic cotton bodysuit, slippers, a bib, a cuddly toy, a pacifier, a pacifier holder, a soft and washable teddy ...

It is because it brings together all the essentials that the young mother appreciates birth boxes so much. Although in general, all baby's things are ready long before their arrival, it is always reassuring to have an extra bodysuit, diaper, pajamas or fleece bathrobe.

The interest also of gift boxes for a birth is to have the possibility of personalizing it with the first name of the baby-girl or baby-boy. For his first bath, his first meal, his first days of nurseries, there are many boxes that meet all baby's needs and accompany him throughout his life as a baby and much more after.

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The birth box for the bath

Bath time is a privileged moment between the baby and its young parents and to make it even more pleasant, you will find all the essentials in this box. A bathrobe or bath cape, diapers, towels, a toiletry bag, a hairbrush and a comb. But you will also be able to find a bodysuit and slippers in certain boxes. However, what little ones prefer are bath toys! As well as well-being products to make this moment joyful for baby and his new parents.

The my first meals box

It is obvious that the meal is also a moment of relaxation and bonding with baby. The meal boxes will allow you to meet all the expectations of happy parents. They are of course composed of plates, suction cup plate, bowl, glass with or without spout, spoon, knife and fork for baby. And the must is to add a bib personalized with baby's first name.

The bed box

Just like the previous sets, they bring together all the essentials for baby's peaceful nights and nap times. Make sure the teddy bear enters first. In this category, luminous plush toys , night lights and musical plush toys reassure the child and encourage them to fall asleep. Designed for their well-being and safety, they are also very practical and original. You can find a bed bumper, sheets, a blanket, a sleeping bag, why not complete it with a comforter or soft toy. All the comfort necessary to allow the baby to sleep comfortably and deeply.

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The ‚ÄúIndispensables‚ÄĚ box set

As its name suggests, these boxes bring together all the essentials for baby. Whether at home, with a nanny, at the daycare, or with the pediatrician. Firstly, the comforter is the centerpiece that will follow the newborn from his first month. In general, you will find in these boxes everything you need for your outings, first of all the changing bag where you can store diaper, bottle, pacifier, and all these everyday items. You can add the health book cover, often personalized embroidered with baby's first name.


Because the birth of a child is a unique moment in an individual's life, it is important to find the original gift that will make the difference. This is why the gift box is the best option to successfully impress parents, but above all to offer them a unique and personal gift that will be really useful to them in their new life.

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