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Which teddy bear to choose?

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There are different types of teddy bears, you can find them in different sizes and in different materials, but the choice also extends to the multiple stuffed animals used for teddy bears.

1) Consult before buying

Generally, one buys a stuffed animal for his children, so before approaching the different types of teddy bears, it is better to ask his children their preferences to choose the best stuffed animal for them.

Each little one has his preferences, they are born from his experiences, whether it's his friends or the films he has watched for example.

His brain is still in full formation and his experiences will forge him, he may change his mind later, so it is better to move towards cute little models at low prices to satisfy them.

The best thing is to take them shopping or check out the products in our Plush KingdomÂź or Koala KawaiiÂź online store to show them the products that might interest them.

Now let's take a look at the different types of teddy bears and their benefits.

2) Classic teddy bears

With this kind of model you do not take any risk , these are the teddy bears that we see most often in stores or in the arms of children. The advantage is that you have a wide range of choices available, whether in terms of models or in terms of brands and prices.

You should know that children have a clear idea of ​​the toys they want. So when they tell you they want a teddy, it's often the image of a classic teddy bear that has germinated in their head, they work by concept and they are attached to the image of the product that they wish they had.

So by offering a classic soft toy to your children, you are playing it safe and very often it is the kind of product they like to have.

Classic Teddy Bear
A classic teddy bear has this airy texture that is very pleasant to the touch.

3) Plush koala bears

Koalas are becoming more and more fashionable, they have unfortunately gained in popularity with the fires that decimated their population in winter 2019-2020.

In fact the koala is not a bear, so it is wrong to say that we are offering a koala teddy bear , in reality they are marsupials, they are not from the same family as bears even if they have similarities with them.

But in any case, a koala soft toy has its effect , it's an original and cute gift that will appeal to all children who love soft toys.

A stuffed koala is also a fun and original companion, children like to differentiate themselves from others and a stuffed animal and a way to assert their personality in front of their friends. With its small face and big ears, the marsupial will be the envy of those around it and many children will also want a koala at home: it risks creating a real fashion effect!

Kawaii Koala Plush Koala
Koalas bring color and fun animal designs, they are very popular animals in their Australian homeland.

4) A stuffed panda is perfect for making an impact!

Thanks to the animated film Kung-Fu Panda, giant pandas have become real stars . In addition, since the zoo of Beauval has acquired a family of pandas (with two very cute children), France has the honor of being one of the few countries in the world to host the bear of China on its territory.

The panda is an atypical bear, it is black and white, a rarity among animals, it is big, clumsy and lazy, all of which gives it the build of a big chubby that lacks liveliness.

When we see it we have a big desire to give it a hug , this Chinese symbol arouses great enthusiasm all over the world but you still have to be careful, it has the strength of a bear in its arms, so when it it can hurt a lot!

Don't worry, your children's panda plush won't attack you, it's a good way to have the two-tone bear at home without risk.

Panda plush on the Panda King
The panda is a black and white bear that has fascinated the whole world since its discovery, it is the source of many myths and legends.

5) Whimsical teddy bears

What do we mean by that? A whimsical teddy bear, this is a wacky and fun teddy model. It will bring a touch of fun and allow you to have a good laugh.

There are different types:

  • Luminous stuffed animals

These stuffed animals light up in the dark , parents often use them as a night light but it can also be used as a decorative accessory or even as a luminous bear for your child.

Be careful to take models with European standards to guarantee the safety of the product especially if it is a baby who uses it to sleep with. Otherwise, you can always place it away from the crib .

Two Luminous Teddy Bears
These big luminous teddy bears can be used as a night light and bring originality to your interior.

  • talking stuffed animals

A talking stuffed animal fascinates children, some of them are able to repeat what they are trying to say. It's a great way to teach them to socialize and start conversations with a friend.

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