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Birth Gifts: What Gift to Give a Newborn in 2021?

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The best gifts for babies stimulate their senses 👀. Babies may not seem to do much other than eat and sleep, but the first year of life is full of important changes in their development. And before they can even hold a toy, babies are already ready to play!

Babies learn to truly know their place in the world , so the best toys give them some sense of return. For example, a classic baby rattle is a good example. "I hit him and he moves and makes noise." This is the beginning of a sense of their place in the world.

Babies also explore with their mouths, so look for toys that are n't choking hazards (obviously) and might be interesting for a little tongue. We advise avoiding having too many toys that are technological or that light up and flash 🚹, simply because they are too stimulating.

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1) What is a Gift Voucher for a Newborn?

Finding the perfect gift for a newborn can be a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, we are here to help you make the right choice! The best gifts for newborns stimulate their senses and can withstand a good coat of drool or help their parents.

You can opt for something sentimental, like a timeless keepsake , a beautiful baby book or a soft and cozy personalized blanket or choose more fun and educational toys 🧠. Many people also like to gift new parents practical items, like baby clothes that they can use right away.

Between midnight diaper changes and around-the-clock feedings, it's easy to forget to write down special memories from baby's first year. These thoughtful gifts for a newborn help new parents make the most of the fleeting moments after the birth of a child.

Happy Newborn Baby Lying on His Back Smiling with His Blue Eyes Wide Open

Discover our selection of 19 gifts to offer for a baby's first birthday :

2) Educational Games

A- A balance bike to learn balance

Balance bikes with 2 or 4 wheels (depending on the age and ability of the baby) allow children to be introduced to balance from a very young age and later, to be able to do so much more quickly and easily. bike without wheels! With balance bikes , in addition to learning balance, children have fun.

There are all kinds of balance bikes đŸšČ; made of wood with two wheels... and they can support quite heavy weights, to provide even more safety , but are still not suitable for dads or big brothers/sisters!

Wooden Balance Bike or Balance Bike for Baby as a Birth Gift

B- Activity mats and baby swings

Considered a must by many, playmats are veritable baby gyms . This game worthy of its name is often composed of several development zones to promote the baby's cerebral and motor skills. On some of these mats, parents can change the features of the playset. The rug is often made of a unique polyester material that is designed to withstand machine washing at home.

C- A Bead Maze, a Newborn Gift

Here's another gift that we probably all played with in waiting rooms growing up. This colorful game is a good gift for one-year-olds because it packs lots of early learning opportunities (colors, shapes, movements and more!) into a compact space, without the need for cleaning.

Bead Maze in Many Different Colors for 1 Year Old Baby

D- A Touch or Cloth Book for Baby

There are plenty of books 📚 that babies can play with on their own. Cloth books are ideal for reading to your newborn and then letting him play with them on his own. Babies love these little books, their fabric composition allows serious handling and presents no risk.

Touch books are best for older newborns or with an adult nearby to hold them the right way, read the text, and guide the baby's hand on things to touch ! You can find books to touch on many different subjects to help him discover new things like animals and their fur for example.

E- A Shape Box

A great classic but always interesting, shape boxes are an excellent gift idea for a first birthday. With them, babies learn shapes ⭐ and colors early enough and improve their motor skills.

Wooden Shape Box with Stars, Rounds, Squares and Triangles Red Blue Green Yellow

F- Musical Toys

A more artistic and musical gift to develop baby's hand-eye coordination. A musical toy like a small instrument will help develop the newborn's musical ear and motor skills while having fun pushing balls, shaking maracas or tapping a xylophone with a stick.

G- A Story to Read in the Evening

Many parents read a story to their baby at night before going to bed, and it's a good idea. It is important for social and linguistic development . Reading books aloud repeatedly helps toddlers understand anticipation and practice prediction, and gives them the opportunity to develop their vocabulary and language skills.

The tall tales đŸ’€ are something new parents will cherish forever. They will fondly remember reading special books to their little ones before bed each night. So help future parents by giving them baby books . Plus, books are a surefire gift for kids of any age.

Mom Reading a Magical Story in the Evening to Her Child in Bed to Put Him to Sleep

For a toddler-sized attention span, choose baby books that are fairly simple, with bright, bold pictures and interactive elements (like cutouts for little fingers to run through, pages to touch and feel or finger puppets).

2) A Cuddly Plush Friend

A- A cuddly toy

A symbolically strong gift that the newborn will keep with him and in his heart for a long time. In our childhood we almost all had THE cuddly toy with which we slept and we know how important a role it played. Whether it's to hold him tightly in our arms to comfort and reassure us or to play with him in fascinating stories during the day, a cuddly toy is a good gift for a first birthday !

Giant Plush Collection (Plush KingdomÂź)

B- A Giant Plush Toy

Almost twice the size of a baby, a giant plush 🧾 makes a great gift. Imagine having a plush toy bigger than you to sit on and play with, a baby can't help but have fun, laugh and cuddle its ultra-soft fur. Be careful, however, never to leave a baby alone with it so that it does not end up stuck under the soft toy or injure itself. At night and during the day when he is not playing with it, the giant plush can be used as a decoration in his room.

3) Personalized First Birthday Gifts

A- A Personalized Poster

Time passes so quickly, although for a new parent who can't sleep more than an hour at a time at night, time can seem a little longer. So immortalize the newborn's first year with a framed portrait or a personalized poster to frame and hang on the wall. It's up to you to let your imagination run wild for the perfect portrait to frame.

A Personalized Poster as a Birth Gift for a Baby's First Birthday

B- Wooden Cubes with his First Name Above

Creative, thoughtful and customizable, wooden cubes đŸŸ« with a first name written on them are perfect as a baby gift. Always to work on motor skills by moving them, grabbing them and later arranging them in the right direction to form their first name, wooden cubes can even be used as decoration in their room.

Wooden Cubes Personalized with the Letters of the Newborn's First Name for Toy

C- A Personalized Birthday Book

Offer a personalized book with vivid and attractive images. What's better than giving a birthday book for a birthday ? Adapted to the age of the baby to whom you are giving this book, you can read it to them and then take it out again a few years later. Discover the personalized birthday book from our partner Wonderbly and benefit from a €10 reduction via our link.

D- A Personalized Photo Album for his 1 year old

If you have photos and stories to tell, then a personalized photo album will make a very thoughtful gift đŸ„° for a 1 year old baby. At least you will be sure that ten years later, this gift will still be useful and interesting to watch!

E- A photo session for the Baby and the Parents

Parents love photos , especially to look at them later and see how much time has passed and how their child has grown! A photo session with a baby and a professional photographer specializing in newborn photos is therefore a great gift idea.

4) Useful Gifts for a Newborn

Birth Gift and Wooden Gray Fox Rattle to Chew for Babies and their Growing Teeth

A- A rattle or chewable teether

When the teeth arrive, it works the gums! At some point, babies often have sore jaws and gums when the first teeth đŸŠ· start to come out. A necklace or a chew rattle is a very good gift that will make these moments sweeter for newborns and parents alike.

B- A Push Tricycle

A great gift for parents of a 1 year old is a push trike for fun rides ! This allows parents to take their baby more easily and fun when traveling on foot and it motivates older children to come because they often enjoy walking the little ones and especially pushing the tricycle.

Black and Gray Push and Grow Tricycle with Umbrella for Baby and 1 Year Old Gift

C- A Baby Bouncer

A baby moves everywhere and as he discovers the world around him, he quickly gets into mischief and can hurt himself. So, a baby deckchair is a great gift for a one-year-old child and will provide a calm and relaxing moment 🍃 for his parents! A portable baby bouncer is even a better idea that can be used to transport the baby more comfortably. You can also discover 10 other useful birth gifts .

5) An Original and Magical Gift for a First Birthday

A- Gift Idea for Babies: Zoo Membership

You may have mixed feelings about zoos, but there's no denying that kids love them . Zoos are just plain fun and when you rack your brain for where to go to get out of the house, it's always a hit. In addition, it can allow the baby to discover new animals, new noises and lots of interesting things.

Offer a Zoo Membership to a Newborn as a Birth Gift with Giraffes, Zebras and Deer

B- A Gift Voucher for Newborns: Aquarium Membership

The fish 🐟 are soothing and it's a damn nice place to relax on a rainy day. Giving parents a subscription to an aquarium will allow them to take the time to go there more often and occupy their children!

Here is a wide range of gifts to offer for a first birthday! If you have other interesting ideas, let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article. I hope you now know what to give a 1 year old baby, otherwise I advise you to look at other gift ideas on the Internet or browse the collections on our site to find the cuddly toy you need!

Doudou Collection (Plush KingdomÂź)

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