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Xonita the Plush: The Biggest Teddy Bear in the World

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Many children around the world, including yours, have a stuffed animal that they like to sleep with. Whether small or large, a shark or an elephant, soft or fluffy, stuffed animals are popular. But have you ever wondered what the biggest stuffed animal in the world is?

So discover Xonita in the rest of this article. A colossal teddy bear. Inaugurated on April 28, 2019 by Guinness World Records. Your child will not be able to take this toy with him to bed at night!

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1) How big is the largest stuffed animal in the world?

A- The Biggest and Biggest Teddy Bear on the Planet

Guinness World Records officials have validated the giant teddy bear , almost 20 meters (19.41 m) long. Thus giving him the honor of being the tallest in the world. Thus he beats the previous record of a teddy bear named CTDreams.

Displayed at a local soccer stadium during Children's Day in the town of Xonacatl√°n, Mexico. This teddy bear, weighing almost 4.4 tonnes , was measured and certified as the largest soft toy on the planet by a referee from the Guinness Book of Records. And this after having spent almost 9 tense hours measuring the bear !

Xonita the Biggest and Biggest Teddy Bear in the World with her Pink Dress, Bow Tie and Big Eyes

Even though it may seem like a long time to measure a teddy bear. This is a short duration compared to the time it took the people of this town to make it. The people of Xonacatl√°n spent more than three months assembling and sewing this large plush toy. The latter was made with the same materials as a commercially available teddy bear. Including details such as the dress, eyes and nose.

To make it, a group of at least 48 men and women were mobilized, including 10 seamstresses. They worked with 600 yards of velvet fabric to develop the bear's torso, arms and legs. Meanwhile, the other team was filling it with 700 Velcro bags. A project that cost the local government, business owners and other sponsors approximately 500,000 MXN (Mexican pesos). Or around 23,000 euros to make this huge teddy bear.

Due to its high cost, and given that it will be used to promote the municipality of Xonacatl√°n around the world. The stuffed animal was financed with money from businessmen, sponsors and the municipality itself. As the project coordinator, Blanca Marlen, recognized: "This is the first time that we have joined together as an association to give an identity to the municipality. Whose main activity is the manufacture of teddy bears .‚ÄĚ

After sewing and stuffing it, the townspeople named the bear Xonita , in homage to the name of their town. It is located in the State of Mexico, in the south-central part of the country. Hundreds of people came to see this event at the stadium to have their photo taken with the brown stuffed animal and its approximate volume of 451.48 m³.

little girl with the biggest stuffed animal in the world

Thus, Xonita surpasses CT Dreams to become the largest teddy bear on the planet . A project that served to give visibility to the Xonacatl√°n region and which achieved its objective.

B- Why Try to Beat the Old Record of the CTDreams Teddy Bear?

The town of Xonacatl√°n didn't make this huge stuffed brown bear for nothing. With over 100 teddy bear makers in town, this city in Mexico is the teddy bear capital .

During its three months of construction, town residents and 48 stuffed animal makers began working on the project. They seek to promote this business , which employs more than 400 people in Xonacatl√°n.

Xonacatl√°n is the Capital of Teddy Bears with over 100 Plush Factories

They all hope that this Guinness World Record will help revive the economy. And to position Xonacatl√°n as one of the largest and best producers of stuffed animals in the world. Now, this city in Mexico can now claim the title of holder of the world's largest and cute teddy bear.

2) CTDreams: Old Record for Biggest Teddy Bear

Before Xonita, the CTDreams teddy bear , created in 2008 by American Dana Warren, was considered by the Guinness Book of Records to be the largest on the planet. A bear 16.86 meters tall and weighing 3 tons. He lived with his owner in the American region of Wichita (Kansas).

Connect The Dreams (C.T.Dreams) the Former Largest Soft Toy in the World

A decade later, and after no one had compromised CT Dreams' record. The teddy bear lost the crown with his fellow bear Xonita. The CTDreams bear was completed on June 6, 2008 and displayed at Exploration Place, Wichita, Kansas, USA. It was named CTDreams, which stands for ‚ÄúConnect The Dreams‚ÄĚ.

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