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Pourquoi des Adultes ont Encore un Doudou ? Est-ce Normal ?

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Why Do Adults Still Have a Doudou? Is this Normal?

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Often, when we think of soft toys, we immediately think of a child. After all, one of the main characteristics of childhood is the presence of a furry friend đŸ‘„ who accompanies you wherever you go.

About 60-70% of children have an object of attachment that soothes and comforts them . If you were one of those kids who had a blanket or teddy bear permanently attached to them as a child, you might remember the traumatic experience of giving it up.

Of course, since comforters and stuffed animals unfortunately don't last forever, they eventually disappear from our lives when we grow up đŸ‘±â€â™€ïž and replace them with other things in our lives. But you may not have parted with your comforter yet, so can an adult still snuggle up to their childhood friend?

Cute and Kawaii White Cat Plush Toy

What Makes Soft Toys so Special in our Childhood?

A tattered piece of blanket or old stuffed animal doesn't look so appealing as an adult. But comfort objects, as their name suggests, give children a sense of security and calm . They remind children of their home and often have a certain scent that settles them in times of distress.

A study from the University of Bristol suggests that children's emotional attachment to these objects may be because they believe their object has a unique property. When offered the option of copying their object for an identical new version, almost all children with an "attachment toy" chose to keep the original.

A Psychology Today article highlights the importance of "transitional objects" for young children. According to them, "the dependence on these objects is rooted in sensory elements that alleviate the stress of separation, while calming and comforting the child". They go on to explain that these objects allow children to explore emotional relationships and that denying them can lead to attachment difficulties later in life.

Child sleeping peacefully with a soft toy

Comforters are therefore unconsciously associated with childhood, but we have five good reasons to bring these comforters back into your life. Discover now our TOP 5 reasons why comforters are still for adults 🧔 :

1) To Comfort Adults

Soft toys bring comfort to adults , it's not just children who can benefit from the positive effects of comfort objects. According to a study from the UV University of Amsterdam, reported on by the Daily Mail, touching a comforting object, even if it is inanimate like a teddy bear, can help people with low self-esteem solve their existential or of life.

They performed a series of tests, such as briefly touching a participant on the shoulder or allowing them to touch a teddy bear đŸ» while answering a series of questions. Participants reported being less anxious and more socially connected after receiving a light pat. Those who touched the teddy bear had fewer reactions to reminders of death. In short, comforters comfort and protect adults from the difficulties of life!

Adult in Red Pajamas with a Comforter

Lead researcher Sander Koole said: "Our findings show that even touching an inanimate object (like a teddy bear) can quell existential fears." So there is everything to gain from having a teddy bear on your bed if it makes you feel less stressed. If you're an anxiety sufferer and you know you have trouble sleeping without it, there's no real reason to get rid of it.

2) For Decoration

The sight of a cute plush can often make you smile without thinking about it. It's one of the main reasons we do what we do. Whether it's a teddy bear to go with Valentine's Day roses 💏, adorable stuffed gnomes to spruce up your indoor garden, or even just a stuffed penguin for your desk, a stuffed animal can serve as decoration and addition to almost any decor.

It not only allows you to express yourself and express what you love, but also brings more creativity and friendliness to whatever you decide to "plush".

Reindeer Plush for Christmas Decoration

3) For Comfort

In addition to serving as decoration and expression of personality, a plush can also serve a more practical purpose: comfort 😊! Many stuffed animals make great pillows and/or cushions , and having a few in your living room or living room can be a great way to get cozy.

When given the choice, most people would rather lie down on the plush 80 centimeter big penguin than the same old boring cushion or chair. Any soft toy can be used as a cushion, but there are also even cuter and more suitable cushion soft toys to spruce up your couch!

4) To Offer as Gifts

In addition to being fluffy and comfortable, stuffed animals can also be used as gifts 🎁 , especially for special occasions. A lot of special stuffed animals are made especially for birthdays, graduations, parties, and many other celebratory events, which means they're always a great option.

Valentine's Day Love Teddy Bear Gift

They can serve as a cute and cuddly keepsake of a special day for years to come, or just a new plush companion. Either way, most people will appreciate a good, thoughtful plush gift based on their tastes or their favorite animal.

5) For Nostalgia and Remembering Beautiful Memories

Finally, comforters can serve as reminders of fond memories with your favorite plush companions and/or childhood characters. Whether it's your favorite pet 🩼, a cartoon character or your own stuffed animal, nowadays you can find almost all kinds of stuffed animals to remind you of the good old days.

A good stuffed toy can not only help you recall good memories , but also help you share those memories and stories with others around you, and even pass them on to children.

Couple of Two Adults with a Soft Toy and a Comforter on their Bed

Stuffed Animals are also For Adults: Kiss your Doudou

Whether it's a blanket, a cushion or a soft toy 🧾, you shouldn't be embarrassed to have your object of comfort nearby when you fall asleep.

More than a third of French adults (men and women) sleep with a teddy bear , with 25% of men surveyed claiming to take them on a business trip. As with children, adult comfort objects remind them of home and give them a sense of security. They can also serve as a substitute for a partner they left behind.

Despite all the good reasons for an adult to have and sleep with a stuffed animal, the majority would not dare to admit it in front of the world. As these objects are still considered toys or childhood comforters đŸ‘¶, it is understandable that people feel embarrassed. Some shame can also come from the condition of the object, most are probably old and in poor condition. Yet, we all need comfort from time to time, regardless of our age.

Woman Lifting Her Teddy Bear in Her Arms

As long as you feel reassured by your plush bed companion, you should continue to snuggle up to him!

Now you might consider taking a plush friend on your next online shopping or sales spree. If you don't know which soft toy to choose, check out and get inspired by our blog post to easily choose a soft toy for kids and help you make an informed decision. And if you already know all of them, you can discover our stuffed animals 🐧 on our Peluche Kingdom ¼ online store .

You are still not convinced to have a soft toy? Let us know why in the comments below!

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