TOP 9 des Raisons pour lesquelles les Doudous et les Jouets en Peluche sont GĂ©niaux !

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TOP 9 Reasons why Comforters and Plush Toys are Awesome!

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If you start traveling the world on a whim, you'll find stuffed animals in the rooms of every child you meet! Whether it's a plush firefighter, adventurer, tiger, shark... in short, a plush toy of all shapes and sizes.

You may have noticed that current generations spend their time with their iPads, or building a giant castle 🏰 out of Lego. But don't worry, behind these occupations that you have seen, there is always a place for stuffed animals in the hearts of children and adults too!

Most of us have an old, worn out stuffed animal from our childhood. Some put it on the shelf when they become teenagers, some put it back in adulthood, and then there are those amazing people who sleep with it đŸ’€ until they're six feet under.

Stuffed animals are just great for kids but in general they often get overlooked as people tend to get older. So here are 9 reasons why stuffed animals are the best things in the world.

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1) Plush Toys Will Always Cuddle You

This reason is quite simple: A stuffed toy can be used for something practical: stuffed animals are comfortable ! So they really make great pillows but also excellent hugs. However, to have super soft hugs for sure, you need to make sure that:

  • ✅ The materials that make up the plush.
  • ✅ Manufacturing quality.
  • ✅ Finally check that the interior lining of the plush is soft.

Because if it's lumpy hugs won't have the same effect. You don't want to hug a very hard stuffed animal, so the softer the better đŸ„°!

Person cuddling a stuffed animal

You won't get the same warm and fluffy hug anywhere else in the world 🌏 as with a plush friend! A plush friend won't stop a hug just to answer the phone. And it doesn't stop at hugs! Since they have super soft fur, in general, you can always run your fingers through their fur to calm yourself down. It's like having a dog or a cat, except they don't bark and require less responsibility. Plus, they're still super soft and cuddly after you take them out of the laundry.

To sum up, a hug with a Barbie doll, Lego or a badly made doll will never equal a hug with the softness of a high quality plush 🚀 like the ones we offer on our shop!

Cuddle with a High Quality Plush

2) Your Plush Won't Break

Stuffed animals, if taken care of, can last a lifetime. Most toys fall apart, but stuffed animals last a long time and are always there for you or your child! The stuffed animals are still there long after your child's trucks 🚒 have broken down, their plastic dolls have been dented and their swings have rusted, your child's favorite stuffed animal will still be there waiting for the next day fun together.

Children like to bring their soft toys everywhere , in the bathroom, on the plane, in their bed, in short, everywhere you can think of. After many years of playing with a plush toy, a small tear may occur, but it can be repaired with a needle and thread đŸ§”. It's super easy!

Teddy Bear Repaired with a Needle and Thread

Plush toys really are the perfect friends thanks to their cuteness, soft hugs, smiles 😄 and long lifespan. Discover the best stuffed animals that we offer you.

3) Kids Take Care of Their Stuffed Animals

Kids are usually the ones told what to do, but with their stuffed animals, they're the ones in charge. The children are able to take care of their toys by playing the role of caregiver đŸ‘©â€âš• and they are even able to interact with their toys to support their social development!

Talking Children with their Plush Toys

4) Stuffed Animals are Always Happy

    Stuffed animals always seem to be in a really good mood 😃! No matter how bad your day was, you'll always be greeted with a smiling, furry face when you get home.

    5) Plush Toys Are There When You Need Them, Listen to You, and Will Never Leave You!

      A stuffed animal is like a best friend. He is always there when we need him and we can tell him everything 💬. The only difference is that your stuffed animal will never leave you , no matter how old you are or how far you are from home. Your stuffed animal is always waiting for you at home, even when you've had a rough day and need to cry or even hit (he won't blame you for doing that either).

      Child who Cuddles his Soft Toy in Difficult Times

      On top of that, you can talk about anything and everything with them, whether you're talking about your day, your plans, your phone, or even your dining table, your plush doesn't care at all! The only downside is that you won't get your questions answered, fluff can't talk 🗣. So don't turn to them if you need advice, ask someone else!

      6) No Mess with Stuffed Animals!

        Unlike most other toys, with a stuffed animal, there's almost no cleanup! It depends on the adventure your child is having. If they're just hanging out, reading a story 📖 together or throwing them, then no worries!

        Child Reading a Story with his Soft Toy and his Dad

        7) Stuffed Animals Make Great Gifts When Chosen Well

          We always see couples giving each other a teddy bear or puppy stuffed animal for Valentine's Day, Christmas and birthdays. For what ? Because stuffed animals are soft and adorable and above all they are a kind of visual representation of love ❀. It's something that will be there for as long as you need it and gives you fuzzy and warm feelings inside. They also give you something to cuddle with when the other person isn't around. And don't tell the other person, but the stuffed animal is usually cuter than her anyway!

          If you want someone to feel special, give them a stuffed toy tailored to that person's tastes. When she receives the plush, she's bound to appreciate the thought, time and effort that went into finding the perfect plush đŸ•”! The beauty of a plush toy is that it can be given on any occasion of the year, whether it's graduations, Valentine's Day, weddings, New Years , birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc.

          Plush for Valentine's Day

          Find out how to choose the perfect soft toy for a child . This also applies with anyone (as long as he/she likes stuffed animals... 🧾)!

          8) These Soft Animals are Filled with Love

            Have you ever hugged a stuffed animal? Of course it did, and I'm sure it was amazing. If you kiss someone too long, they feel uncomfortable 😳, but a stuffed animal? You can hug this plush little friend all day long.

            Person Who Holds a Stuffed Animal in His Arms

            9) Cuddly Toys, Nostalgia for Childhood

              Finally, soft toys can serve as a landmark , or a reminder of your most beloved childhood partner! It can be a cartoon character, a pet 🐱, or more importantly, a very loving aunt/uncle or your parents. If any of your loved ones thought you would like this toy, you've probably had this stuffed animal since you were little. Whoever gave it to you thought it would be entertaining and you could chew on it when you were little.

              What they probably didn't expect was for you to bond with them and bring your stuffed animal everywhere you go . Your stuffed animal has been with you through all the hardships, bad friends, bad days, and those days when you just needed a good hug 😌. We should all be very happy that he couldn't talk, because if he did, there would be no hiding that embarrassing moment from your childhood that you told them about.

              Little Girl Who Takes Her Lion Plush Everywhere

              Stuffed animals have been around for so long and will exist until the end of mankind. They can't be technically advanced unless someone creates a mode that lets you choose how soft you want them to be! Luckily, these reasons have convinced you that stuffed animals are awesome , that you should give them another chance if you've given them up and above all that your kids should also enjoy having lots of super soft and cute đŸ„ stuffed toys.

              Lots of Teddy Bears

              Do you want to offer a special gift to someone special or simply spoil yourself? After finding out how awesome stuffed animals are, buy a stuffed animal 🐮, which I'm sure will make people happy!

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