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TOP 5 Advantages of Cuddly Toys and Stuffed Animals

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Stuffed animals are still adored and used by children and parents, whether to comfort them in difficult times or to go on fabulous trips 🏞 by playing with them.

Soft toys therefore do not accompany your child for so long for nothing, so in the rest of this article, discover 5 advantages and benefits that soft toys bring to children and adults!

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1) Cuddly Toys Help Put Life Skills into Practice

When children play with teddy bears and other stuffed animals, they can learn and practice a wide range of very valuable life skills by playing role-playing games with their teddy. They are constantly learning and instructing each other through play. For example, a small child can learn how to brush their teeth, get ready for school and many other things with the help of a soft toy by their side.

2) Soft toys contribute to the socialization of children

Stuffed animals are also a social construct for children . The different ways to play with a stuffed animal provide great opportunities to learn good behavior. Whether your child is having tea with their favorite stuffed animals, going on wild adventures with them, or sitting in class 📚 next to a teddy bear, the potential is endless.

You can teach your child important things like taking turns, sharing, and putting the focus on others. More importantly, a stuffed animal can help make new friends . For example, bringing their favorite stuffed animal to a playdate can allow your child to start a conversation or game, gain confidence and reassurance knowing that their best friend is with them.

Sociable Children Playing Ball Outdoors and Jumping in the Air

3) Stuffed Animals Help Relieve Anxiety of Dentists and Doctors

This benefit actually extends beyond visits to the doctor and dentist. As adults and children, we face a lot of new and scary situations đŸ‘» that can cause a feeling of fear or nervousness in any of us (the dentist being a great example for children). Waiting rooms can be tense and worrying.

However, it is important that your child does not grow up with these fears. As we've already mentioned, the presence of a stuffed friend can create a feeling of comfort and trust which is excellent practice for this type of situation. These anxieties about new people and new environments can be felt from the first day of school or when moving, meeting new people...

The presence of your best stuffed animal can be a great solution to this anxiety . For example, in the United States, police officers đŸ‘źâ€â™€ïž keep a teddy bear in their car in case it needs to calm a child or make them smile again.

Child at the Doctor's with his Mom and a Soft Toy to Reassure and ease the Anxiety of the Shot

4) Soft Toys Bring Comfort to Adults

It's not just children who can benefit from the positive effects of stuffed animals. According to a study carried out in Amsterdam, touching a comforting object (for example a teddy bear) can help people with low self-esteem or existential worries.

Lead researcher Sander Koole said: “Our findings show that even touching an inanimate object – like a teddy bear – can alleviate existential fears.” For adults and children alike, comfort items and stuffed animals can make us feel safe and remind us of home 🏡. To learn more about this topic, you can read our blog article on why adults still have a stuffed toy or comforter and why everyone should still have one!

5) A Good Night's Sleep Thanks to Soft Toys

Child or adult, having a cuddly toy to cuddle is part of the nighttime routine. This is extremely common, especially in France where 60 to 70% of children take a stuffed friend to bed . Is there a link between emotional comfort and feeling well rested?

Person Sleeping Deeply in a Bed with a Soft Bled and their Comforter

Teddy bears 🧾 are just one example of how people seek emotional comfort and calm when they fall asleep. Other examples include ASMR, meditation, and reading.

As endless research shows, sleep and stress don't mix. So maybe it's time to pull out a soft toy once in a while when you have trouble napping or buy your child a new one! But be careful, to avoid taking any risks, find out at what age your child can go to bed with their blanket .

6) Stuffed Animals Bring Smiles, Joy and Positivity

The final added benefit is that there are a wide variety of stuffed animals, and almost all of them have adorable smiles, fluffy bodies, and soft coats; something to comfort and make happy 😃 many children. For example, when playing with their stuffed animals or cuddling them by hugging them tightly, children quickly find their smiles with the stuffed animals .

Kids Smiling and Happy after Playing with Stuffed Animals

You must have already noticed that having a stuffed friend helps you to overcome the difficult trials of life and above all to have a good time . So no doubt, stuffed animals bring positivity and joy, your child can play with his stuffed animals at will!

Now that you know 6 benefits that soft toys bring to children and adults, you know how important and beneficial it is to have one. So you can discover our comforters and stuffed animals to buy and offer 🎁 one to your child or another close person.

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